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Industry analysis now available in VingeGPT

Malaga/Luxembourg, July 7th 2024 - We are announcing today with the latest release of VingeGPT, the availability for our users to perform industry analysis. All of our 1.500+ companies are clustered amongst 139 industrial clusters. Every industrial cluster carries very specific information, including list of competitors inside the cluster, strategic elements like the risks of technology disruption, capital intensity, different barriers to entry, if the industry benefits of network effects, precalculated C4 and C2 concentration ratios and much more. Every industry has a global industry attractiveness rank between and 1 and 139.

This is only the first version of industry analysis as we plan to develop this further to help our users in their investment journey.

An educational video on how to use the industry analysis enhancement will be made available in upcoming days on our Youtube channel and in the official VingeGPT training on Udemy

Enjoy the new version. The VingeGPT team

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