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Intrinsic valuation prerelease demo

Dernière mise à jour : 27 avr.

Malaga/Luxembourg, March 23rd 2024 - The team releases a very powerful demo video how Vinge - Value Investing Next GEneration can be used to calculate the intrinsic value of a company. The link to the video is here :

In the same news release, the Vinge team is announcing that the size of the investment universe a couple of weeks before the launch date (scheduled for April 15th, 2024) has grown to 1.100 companies covering major indices including NYSE DowJones30, Nasdaq S&P500, London Stock Exchange FTSE50, CAC40 for France, DAX20 for Germany, AEX for Netherlands, IBEX for Madrid, ASX for Australia, Nikkei225 for Japan, SMI for Switzerland, BEL20 for Belgium & Italian main index.

The Vinge team will organize a launch webinar on March 30th, 2024. In order to participate to the launch webinar more information can be found on

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